My 18 month old son Riley has suffered with skin irritation and eczema since he was about 5 months old. The main problem areas are the top of his back, under his arms and his chest. I used everything prior to trying itchy baby co. even medicated creams from the doctor. Your product has been the only thing to give him consistent relief.

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Mel Fogarly

My little girl is loving itchy baby co. and it's giving her amazing skin. I had terrible eczema as a baby, so I've been really proactive with her. She does have a bit of redness from time to time, but I've been using this as a preventative, and it's keeping her skin clear and beautiful.

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Codie Craig

Our little man has suffered from eczema almost from birth. It gets so bad at times that he bleeds from between his fingers & toes, from his ears, lips & behind his knees. After three baths with itchy baby co. his eczema is almost gone completely! We haven't found anything this good his whole life. Thanks for changing my little man's life!

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Stacey Lee Cioffi

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