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How I manage my temper with toddlers

How I manage my temper with toddlers

We all get angry with our toddlers sometimes and I am definitely no exception. Throw in a stubborn three year old who won’t stop teasing his little sister by taking every toy she picks up to play with away from her to an already hectic morning when you’re going to be late for work, you’re surrounded by chaos and you can’t find your left shoe. Not to mention having been woken up by your toddler several times in the night with teething issues and you’re running on caffeine empty on top of everything else. Here you have a situation which is likely to get ugly if don’t take stock of your emotions and temper.

But it is so hard. Our kids seem to have the ability to trigger us more than anyone else can. As parents we get taken on an emotional journey as we love and bond with our children. Moments of pure bliss as well as not so blissful moments. As a mum I have felt a long list of emotions – frustration, irritation, exhaustion, fear, anxiety stress, and sometimes anger.

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screen time for infants

How much screen time is recommended for infants?

When it comes to screen time, what I hear time and time again from all good sources is infants under two should be kept away from tv. The main reason for this is that babies learn best through interacting with real people and not the people on the screen. The other reason is it’s harder for under-twos to get good visual information from the tv. Pop over here to find out how your baby sees tv.

What’s surprising is that watching tv takes a lot of effort for babies. It can make them really tired and if they’re not old enough to turn their heads away they can become distressed.

Screen time after my toddler turns two? The effect of tv on toddlers

What about screen time once your toddler turns two? There are a few reasons still to keep your toddler away from too much tv. The biggest one is that tv distracts your toddler from creative and physical play which is better for their learning and development. Another important reason is that if you have the tv on for distraction or comfort it may become a habit for your toddler as they get older.

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vegetables, toddler, fussy

My toddler won’t eat vegetables

I have been battling with my toddler to eat vegetables ever since I can remember. I have tried so many different things, from hiding pureed carrots and sweet potato in bolognaise sauce (which lasted about 2 weeks) to telling him that if he doesn’t eat his green beans he won’t grow to be big and strong (which never got off the ground). It was becoming an every day battle and I usually came out the loser.

My toddler is a ‘dairyvore’ – he could happily survive on cheese sticks, although his preference is Jarlsberg, as well as strawberry, yoghurt and milk. I guess on the upside this is better than having a ‘treativore’ which I think my youngest is shaping up to be, but for the moment at least she dabbles in beans and pumpkins.

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