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toddler self control

How can I teach my toddler self control?

As soon as my little boy turned two it was as if his new found ability in movement and language was at odds with his inability to control his feelings and behaviour. When I first came face to face with these situations I definitely expected more than was reasonable from my toddler. Why? Because I thought since he was walking and talking and generally becoming more independent he would be able to better control his emotions and self control. What I learnt later was that areas of the brain to do with attention and resolving conflict take more time to develop. So how could I help him along the way…?

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toddler feeling loved

Making my toddler feel they are loved

There is little question that making your toddler feel valued, special and loved is connected to their self esteem and happiness. Self esteem gives toddlers the confidence to try new things and be brave as he becomes more independent from you and comes from a feeling of security and belonging and knowing what we have to contribute is appreciated.

Knowing the importance of self esteem it is no surprise why I regularly question whether or not my toddlers are feeling loved and special. I used to think this called for gigantic efforts of magical holidays and presents every time we are at the shops. Thank goodness the experts agree that making your toddler feel special and loved is in the little things we can do every day.

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too much sugar for your toddler

What is too much sugar for my toddler?

Lollies. For most an agreed occasional party food. But how about hidden sugars in foods which have widely thought to be healthy options? And what can happen to my toddler if they eat too much sugar? How do I know what too much is? Sugar sugar sugar – it is often the elephant in the park when the snacks come out for morning tea. So why is sugar causing such a fuss?

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positive reinforcement

How to use positive reinforcement with my toddler

Before I became a mum I didn’t really understand what positive reinforcement was. I did know by looking at my friends who already had children that ideas of discipline had changed quite a bit since I was a child. I took my husband’s lead on this, being a psychologist, so in our house reinforcing good attitude and behaviours is the main way we try to avoid general naughtiness and misbehaviour. And it works, well most of the time.

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baby sleep

My baby won’t sleep. Help! What are some tips or tricks to help my baby sleep?

Remember what it was like to sleep for eight hours straight and not think anything of it? It was so normal. Unless of course you had a big night and then you could only blame yourself… and always indulge in an uninterrupted lie in the next morning. Those were the days.

Now back to your present reality. According to a National Sleep Foundation poll 69% of kids under ten experience some sort of sleep problem. What’s the big secret of the other 31%?

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The rise of allergies in children

The rise of allergies in children

Why are allergies rising in Australia? These days there seems to be so many more children and adults who are experiencing allergies, especially food allergies. But why? Why suddenly are allergies on the rise? Why do my toddlers suffer from allergies when I don’t?

This question is on my mind a lot since my youngest toddler is allergic to eggs and pineapple and my eldest is allergic to yeast. Allergic reactions to foods are also more common in children with eczema.

The answer to why allergies are on the rise is that we’re not totally sure. The experts say it is a bit of everything – our western lifestyle and environment, a bit of genetics but not one thing alone is to blame.

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Surviving with two kids under two

Surviving with two kids under two

Yes, I was one of the crazy mums who planned two kids under two. I thought having my two kids close together would be a win-win. I get all the hard stuff out of the way in a shorter space of time and they become good pals being closer in age. When I told people my plan they said I was mad and it would be so much hard work, and they were right, having two kids 20 months apart was such hard work. But now with my youngest about to turn two things are definitely getting easier and although there were times I didn’t think I would cope, seeing them play and grow together now, I would plan it the same way again.

Some tips on surviving with two kids under two

Here are some tips I used to get through the tough times of having two kids both aged under two… Read more

Eczema and asthma

Managing your toddler’s asthma

Winter infections are made a little more serious if you have a toddler with asthma. We know if your toddler has eczema there is a higher chance they might also have asthma. In our house with two toddlers with eczema, only one of them, my eldest, also has asthma. Having been admitted to hospital a few times with chest infections made worse by asthma, there are a few extra things we do this time of year.

what is an asthma action plan?

Every six months our asthma action plan is updated by our pediatrician, but a GP would also be able to do this. Getting on top of our action plan is the first step we take to managing our toddler’s asthma in winter. Not only does it remind me of important steps to take, but also my toddler’s medication might be changed for the winter months.

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Boosting your baby's immune system

Boosting your baby’s immune system

With winter coming and two toddlers attending germ heaven (aka daycare) I’m doing everything I can to boost my toddler’s immune system and ward off nasty chest infections, earaches and the common cold.

What can you do to boost your baby or toddler’s immune system?

  • Diet

For me, boosting my toddler’s immune system starts with a good diet. Carrots, green beans, oranges and strawberries all have immune system boosting phytonutrients such as vitamin C. Phytonutrients may increase your toddler’s chance of fighting an infection.

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