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eczema and molluscum

Eczema and molluscum

Having a child with eczema means that they are more likely to also have molluscum during their childhood. This is because their skin barrier more easily allows allergens and other irritants, such as skin viruses to enter the body.

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daily eczema treatment

Daily eczema treatment for your child

It took me far too long to realise the importance of daily eczema treatment for my little one’s eczema, regardless of whether his skin looked good or bad or whether he was having an eczema flare up or not. I thought if I had treated his skin while it was bad and then it got better I didn’t need to worry about it for awhile. Soon I was wondering why I was needing to treat his skin more and more frequently.

This wasn’t good eczema management. After months of this I began to understand the need for daily eczema treatment to care for my little boy’s skin every day with an eczema management routine to avoid flare ups and keep his eczema skin healthy. Read more

wet wrapping eczema

How does wet wrapping work for eczema?

Living with eczema for nearly five years now has taught me a lot about what eczema treatment to use when and which treatments do and don’t work for my little boy’s eczema. Wet wrapping is something I heard about through pharmacy and always wondered how it worked to treat eczema.

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Can probiotics help eczema

Can probiotics help eczema?

Managing our little ones’ eczema and reducing eczema flare ups is more often than not a process of trying a range of different things which may or may not make a difference. Things we often try include changing our washing detergent, being picky about the fabrics their clothes are made from, excluding certain foods from their diet, anything which we hope can bring them some relief. And for many of us finding out if probiotics can help manage eczema and reduce flare ups is worth a try.

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What is baby eczema

What is baby eczema ? – Our feature in Family Capers Magazine

This month, I wrote for leading online Family Publication, Family Capers on “Dealing With Baby Eczema”.

Some of the key takeaways from the article are:

1. What is baby eczema

Baby eczema is when patches of your baby’s skin show as red, inflamed, itchy and irritated. Your baby can either suffer from mild, moderate or severe eczema. When the eczema is sever then these patches of your baby’s skin can weep, ooze, bleed and crust over.

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