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daily eczema treatment

Daily eczema treatment for your child

It took me far too long to realise the importance of daily eczema treatment for my little one’s eczema, regardless of whether his skin looked good or bad or whether he was having an eczema flare up or not. I thought if I had treated his skin while it was bad and then it got better I didn’t need to worry about it for awhile. Soon I was wondering why I was needing to treat his skin more and more frequently.

This wasn’t good eczema management. After months of this I began to understand the need for daily eczema treatment to care for my little boy’s skin every day with an eczema management routine to avoid flare ups and keep his eczema skin healthy. Read more

eczema routine

Why is sticking to a daily eczema routine so important?

Managing eczema is all about creating a routine which is easy enough to stick to. Being in a good routine means you have a better chance of avoiding eczema flare-ups. But finding the time, energy and motivation to carry out this routine daily is sometimes hard.

Creating a daily eczema routine

From the very beginning I struggled to keep to an eczema routine for my toddler and we all suffered through many eczema flare-ups because of it. One of the main things which let me down was thinking that if my toddler wasn’t itchy then everything was under control and I didn’t need to do anything to manage his eczema. Big mistake. The more I live with eczema the more I realise it’s about prevention. Here are some tips which helped me make our eczema routine part of our everyday.

Read more