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bathe eczema baby

How to best bathe an eczema baby

As a pharmacist and mum to two eczema babies I have received a lot of mixed advice on how to bathe an eczema baby. It seems current advice is bathing at least once a day is recommended as part of good eczema care plan. And when I think about it, it’s pretty easy to see why it is important to bathe your eczema baby regularly. Water washes away any loose eczema scales or flakey skin which allows the skin to better absorb moisturiser. Bathing regularly can also reduce the bacteria which can lead to infection.

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baby sleep

My baby won’t sleep. Help! What are some tips or tricks to help my baby sleep?

Remember what it was like to sleep for eight hours straight and not think anything of it? It was so normal. Unless of course you had a big night and then you could only blame yourself… and always indulge in an uninterrupted lie in the next morning. Those were the days.

Now back to your present reality. According to a National Sleep Foundation poll 69% of kids under ten experience some sort of sleep problem. What’s the big secret of the other 31%?

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What is the best eczema cream for my baby?

What is the best eczema cream for my baby?

I’m often asked what is the best eczema cream to use for my baby? The answer I always give is an inexpensive eczema cream without any nasties in it. You’ll be using lots of it every day, so you want something free of anything which might irritate your baby’s already sensitive skin and an eczema cream which doesn’t cost the earth because you don’t want to have to add too much to the monthly budget if you can avoid it.

It is so important to moisturise your baby’s eczema skin, even when there aren’t any red and itchy patches. Moisturising several times a day helps to prevent eczema flare-ups. When your baby’s skin is dry it isn’t because it doesn’t have enough oil but because it doesn’t hold water. Wind, low humidity, cold temperatures, washing with drying soaps can all take the moisture out of the skin and bring on eczema flare-ups. By using a moisturiser we put water back into the skin.

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Itchy Baby Relief cofounders Julia Petroulas and Julia Simmonds

The team behind Itchy Baby Co

Julia Simmonds, Registered Pharmacist and Co-Founder

Julia is a registered pharmacist and has been practicing pharmacy for over 10 years. She loves helping parents and grandparents with all their baby and toddler needs and can often be found in the baby section of the pharmacy looking for new and innovative products to recommend to her customers. She is also a mum of two little ones who are Itchy Baby Co’s biggest fans. In and out of the dispensary Julia is committed to giving more babies happy skin.

Emma Petroulas, Co-Founder

When you email us here at itchy baby about your order, it’s likely it will be Emma on the other end. Emma manages the operations and makes sure your orders are sent out to you quickly, and that our website and day to day operations are running smoothly.

Julia pitched the idea of Itchy Baby Co to Emma over an early morning coffee, and she jumped on board straight away as a co-founder. Emma says she “fell in love with everything Itchy Baby Co. stands for – happy skin, happy babies and natural ingredients”. Emma’s itchy baby tip is to try our bath soak in the shower – just dissolve two spoonfuls of our bath soak in a bowl of lukewarm water. Toward the end of the shower use a face cloth to apply the bath soak directly to the skin by dipping the face cloth in the bowl and dabbing onto the skin. Leave it there for a few minutes and then pat dry and moisturise.

Mercene, Registered Pharmacist – Product Development

Mercene is a registered pharmacist, having practiced pharmacy for over 35 years. She works alongside Julia researching and testing new products.

Sharon, Production Assistant

Sharon along with her three siblings all suffered eczema from when they were toddlers, and she finds relief in itchy baby co products, making her excited to work for a business where she believes in what we stand for. She assists Julia with the production schedule and Emma in the warehouse. Sharon finds the best thing about working at itchy baby is getting to take home product samples and share them with her family.

Jackie, Production Assistant

Jackie started working for itchy baby co. during his summer break following university and we didn’t want to let him go! His itchy baby co tip is that our bath soak also works wonders on mosquito bites! Jackie works alongside Julia with the production schedule, and assists Emma in the warehouse.