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eczema and food allergies

eczema and food allergies – is there a connection

I will try anything to help my little one’s eczema, but being a pharmacist, there has to be some evidence that it can be effective. One of the common things we talk about with eczema are food allergies.

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food allergies

Coping with food allergies at Christmas

Christmas is at our house this year and with a newly discovered anaphylactic peanut allergy, as well as allergies to egg, yeast and pineapple in our family, planning Christmas food and what others bring into our house is going to have to be well planned.

So, of course I have been spending some of my time at our itchy baby office planning and making myself aware of what we should avoid, and here are some obvious and not so obvious my tips…

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The rise of allergies in children

The rise of allergies in children

Why are allergies rising in Australia? These days there seems to be so many more children and adults who are experiencing allergies, especially food allergies. But why? Why suddenly are allergies on the rise? Why do my toddlers suffer from allergies when I don’t?

This question is on my mind a lot since my youngest toddler is allergic to eggs and pineapple and my eldest is allergic to yeast. Allergic reactions to foods are also more common in children with eczema.

The answer to why allergies are on the rise is that we’re not totally sure. The experts say it is a bit of everything – our western lifestyle and environment, a bit of genetics but not one thing alone is to blame.

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