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pharmacist developed natural products

We do everything we can to keep our children safe and happy. For parents of little ones who have eczema this includes keeping their skin healthy too. Itchy baby co. is all about supporting families to manage their children’s eczema.

Our founder, Julia Simmonds is a pharmacist whose personal journey with eczema is the reason behind itchy baby co.

I had hit rock bottom. We were admitted to hospital with my toddler’s infected eczema covering more than 75% of his little body. Despite having tried product after product, countless visits to the doctor and listening to anyone who had any advice to give, here we were. I felt guilty, helpless and utterly desperate to help my little boy.

Eczema is so challenging and we deal with it every day through the emotional heartache and practical problems it throws our way. We are all trying to get by and do the best we can for our children. I really hope you experience the great results many others have using itchy baby co. products as you find the most effective skin care routine to manage your little one’s eczema.

Julia X

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We are so grateful for all the support and encouragement from our itchy baby co. community and we want to help as many families dealing with eczema as we can. Itchy baby co. started sharing our products which are made in Sydney with Australia, and now we ship to New Zealand and the United States with the United Kingdom, Singapore and Hong Kong coming soon.

At itchy baby co. we are always listening out for feedback about our current products and other products you need as part of your skin care routine to manage your child’s eczema. Our bath soak range, moisturiser, scalp oil and face mask will soon grow to include bottom balm, shampoo and conditioner as well as sunscreen and we won’t stop there.

Please never hesitate to get in touch. Hearing from you is what motivates us and allows us to help more families like yours.

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our mission

To support families across Australia and the world to more effectively manage eczema and all of the challenges it brings. To enable children and their parents and carers to have a better quality of life, through access to effective products and support that allow children to live healthy and happy lives.

our vision

To continue to meet the needs of families struggling with eczema and other skin conditions, and to continue to innovate and find new natural products and formulas that support healthy skin. To continue to be an integral source of support and guidance, enabling children with itchy and dry skin to find relief and be able to enjoy everything that being a child is about.