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what i sthe difference between eczema and hives

What is the difference between eczema and hives?

Hives and eczema are two skin conditions which often get confused. Being a parent we are confronted by many different challenges. Children’s skin can be affected by different types of conditions and some of them can look very similar. As allergies and immune system irregularities become more and more common many of us will also need to manage how the skin responds to allergens as part of our childrens body’s immune response.

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Are eczema and dermatitis the same thing?

What is the difference between eczema and dermatitis?

The words eczema and dermatitis often are used to talk about the same condition of itchy, dry, inflamed and irritated skin.  So what is the difference between them or are they the same?

The answer is simple, eczema is one form of of dermatitis. And because it is the most common form, it is often used as a general term for all the different types of dermatitis.

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What foods can help eczema?

Eczema and food have a sometimes confusing and complicated relationship. Foods do not cause eczema, but sometimes might trigger an eczema flare up and once confirmed by your doctor should be avoided. Other foods however might improve your child’s eczema symptoms. Encouraging an eczema friendly diet for your child might help with your overall eczema management. Remember that foods which are thought to be eczema friendly should not be eaten by people who are allergic to them and always speak to your doctor before deciding on any significant changes to your child’s diet.

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link between zinc and eczema

What is the link between Zinc and Eczema?

Children with eczema often have low levels of vitamins and minerals which are important in maintaining a healthy immune system, especially vitamins and minerals which are needed to keep the skin healthy and functioning well. Low levels of zinc are related to Vitamin A and Vitamin D deficiencies, which are also common in children who have eczema. These vitamins control the amount of zinc which is circulating in the body.

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