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common types of eczema

What are the most common types of eczema in babies and children?

Atopic eczema

This is the most common type of eczema we see at itchy baby co. This form of is often hereditary and can go hand in hand with asthma and/or hay fever. In atopic conditions the body’s immune system responds to triggers which normally do no harm, for example certain foods, house dust mites and irritants, such as soaps and fragrances. This response makes the skin red and itchy.

Dry skin is a symptom of it and is thought to be caused by a breakdown in the skin’s natural barrier. The breakdown of this barrier means that moisture escapes from the skin more easily and allergens and irritants are more likely to aggravate the skin, causing inflammation.

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Eight facts about eczema all parents should know

Eight facts about eczema all parents should know

What is eczema?

Eczema is a condition where the skin is very itchy and dry and over time the skin can harden in places. It follows a pattern of flaring up and then improving. There’s usually no single factor responsible for an eczema flare up. In between flare up the skin is usually dry and flakey.

How common is it?

In Australia about one in 5 children under 2 are affected. More than 6 million Australians have suffered with eczema at some point, most of these before they turn five years old.

What causes it?

It is not very well understood what causes it, although it is generally agreed that genetics plays a role. The skin barrier in people who have eczema does not work as well as in people who don’t have it. In people who have eczema, the skin lets moisture easily escape, which makes it dry and it also allows irritants to get into the skin which can make it itchy and inflamed.

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