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cradle cap

What is cradle cap and how do I treat it?

The very first skin condition I had to contend with in my early days as a new mum was cradle cap. It took over my little boy’s scalp with its crusty and yellow flakes. The first thing I wanted to do was to remove it and bring back his beautiful, smooth skin.

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managing eczema in school

Managing eczema in school

It has been a big deal having a child with eczema start school. For one it has made me accept that my child is unlikely to grow out of his eczema and it will most probably will be a long term condition requiring management throughout his life. The other reality of starting school means that I’m not there all the time to lessen the affects and impact of his eczema on his activities and relationships. Which led me to realise that he needs to become aware of how he can help to manage his eczema by himself.

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