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why is my baby itchy

Why is my baby itchy?

The emotional heartache of watching your child attack their itchy skin in a scratch frenzy takes it toll in so many ways. It can be cause them to wake up several times during the night which then impacts their mood and your ability to cope with it all again during the day. It can affect your relationship with your partner because you are both so affected by the health of your child and not always being able to give them any relief, and if you have other children it can affect their behaviour because of the extra attention eczema demands.

Throughout all this the one question which you keep asking yourself is why is my child so itchy? What is different about their skin that is causing them to constantly scratch and be itchy?

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how does water affect eczema

How does water affect eczema?

We know to keep a check on making sure our children drink enough water to keep their skin well hydrated – but what effect does water have externally on their body when we give them a bath or shower?

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