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dairy and eczema

Does dairy trigger eczema?

When we talk about our children’s eczema we hear a lot about the possibility of their eczema being triggered by dairy products. About 2%, which is about one in 50 of Australian and New Zealand infants are allergic to cow’s milk and other dairy products. Eczema can be a symptom of a dairy allergy.

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eczema and house dust mite

Eczema and house dust mite allergy

There are so many triggers which can affect our children’s eczema. Sometimes it’s really difficult to know what is triggering your child’s eczema and if a common known eczema trigger does actually affect your child. Nearly everything I have read about eczema triggers talks about controlling house dust mite as a way to help manage your child’s eczema. And I know in my case with both my children, house dust mite allergen does trigger their eczema.

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eczema and psoriasis

Are eczema and psoriasis the same?

Many products which are available to help you manage eczema often say they manage psoriasis too. Which led me to think for a long time that eczema and psoriasis are very similar skin conditions, especially since my little boy suffers from both and sometimes at the same time. Both have some signs and symptoms in common, but what triggers them and how they look on the skin can also be very different.

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