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eczema itch

Controlling the eczema itch in toddlers and babies

Itching and eczema often go together. No doubt the biggest reward of managing my children’s eczema is not seeing them itchy, uncomfortable and scratching. But what do we do when despite sticking to our eczema bathtime and moisturising routine and doing our best to avoid their eczema triggers, an eczema itch and eczema flare up takes us by surprise and the itching and inflammation starts again?

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toddler eczema flare ups

How to avoid toddler eczema flare ups

Trying to avoid my little boy’s eczema from flaring up has become a part of my everyday life. It is considered in everything I do, nearly every purchase I make for him, choosing which activities we do and even the language I use with him about being itchy. There are some things which I almost do without thinking now to try to avoid his eczema flare ups.

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