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baby eczema infected

Is my baby’s eczema infected?

Managing eczema every day is not easy especially when it seems that despite all your efforts your little one’s skin isn’t get any better, or even getting worse. Sometimes the reason for your little one’s eczema not getting better with your bathing and moisturising routine could be the skin has become infected.

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itch-scratch cycle

eczema and the itch-scratch cycle

When I first started on my quest to find out as much as I could about eczema to help my little one, the term ‘itch-scratch cycle’ kept coming up. It sounded pretty straight forward but I had no idea how important it was in managing my little one’s eczema.

What is the itch-scratch cycle in eczema?

The itch-scratch cycle is exactly that – a cycle which happens in eczema where you feel itchy and then you scratch. It’s what the scratching of the skin causes that creates a problem. Scratching does two things, firstly it makes your little one scratch even more because a chemical called histamine is released when they scratch which makes them even more itchy. The other thing scratching does is damage the skin which lets bacteria in to cause infection.

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