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link between vitamin D and eczema

what is the link between vitamin D and eczema?

We talk a lot about eczema and diet, what foods trigger eczema flare ups and food allergies with eczema. We talk about the importance of our bath time routine and getting the most amount of moisture into the skin. What we don’t talk so much about are the vitamins, or lack of, which can affect eczema in our little ones. With eczema the immune system and skin barrier don’t work properly and some studies have found that people with eczema are more likely to have lower vitamin D levels.

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itchy baby co. natural moisturiser

why is itchy baby co. natural moisturiser different?

Most of you know my story and I’m sure it’s similar to yours. For many years, well ever since my little boy was born nearly five years ago, we have battled with eczema. The emotional ups and downs, well mainly downs, the relentless search for effective products and the ongoing visits to a range of health professionals from naturopaths to paediatric dermatologists, all the while hoping that something, anything, would help.

As a pharmacist and mother I felt so frustrated and helpless that nothing I was trying was making much of a difference. So I was motivated to do something myself and our range of itchy baby bath soaks was developed. Then I started thinking about a moisturiser. What is about many of the creams available for eczema which are stopping me from seeing results? What do most of these eczema creams have in common and what can I change to develop a moisturiser to target eczema which might be different?

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