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moisturiser for eczema

what is the best moisturiser for eczema?

Finding a moisturiser which helps your little one’s eczema can be challenging. We all know that moisturising will help manage our little one’s eczema by putting hydration back into the skin and improving the skin’s natural barrier function. But, often one moisturiser won’t work as well as another and these results can be different again with different children. Choosing a good moisturiser for eczema doesn’t all have to be about trial and error though. There are some properties to look for when choosing a moisturiser for eczema which should get better results.

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emotional impact of eczema

the emotional impact of eczema

When a doctor makes the diagnosis and tells you your child has eczema he or she will most likely prescribe a cream and tell you when and how to use it. From my experience that will be that and in a few days you expect things will get better. I don’t need to say there’s a few things missing from this consultation. But one of the most important things which no one tells you, isn’t how essential sticking to a bath time routine is, or how crucial regular moisturising is (which often don’t get a mention), but what no one seems to acknowledge is how your child having eczema will impact on you, your child and your family emotionally.

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