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travelling with eczema

travelling with eczema – stress free

I don’t want to remember how long it’s been since we had a family holiday. Travelling with small children can be stressful enough, let alone adding eczema management into the mix. I have to admit the reason we have avoided family holidays is all to do with me and the thought of not being able to stick to our eczema management plan and suffering the consequences away from home.

But I know it doesn’t have to be like this and travelling with eczema of course can happen and be very enjoyable. So here are some tips I follow to ease my stress about eczema when we travel.

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wet wrapping eczema

How does wet wrapping work for eczema?

Living with eczema for nearly five years now has taught me a lot about what eczema treatment to use when and which treatments do and don’t work for my little boy’s eczema. Wet wrapping is something I heard about through pharmacy and always wondered how it worked to treat eczema.

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Can probiotics help eczema

Can probiotics help eczema?

Managing our little ones’ eczema and reducing eczema flare ups is more often than not a process of trying a range of different things which may or may not make a difference. Things we often try include changing our washing detergent, being picky about the fabrics their clothes are made from, excluding certain foods from their diet, anything which we hope can bring them some relief. And for many of us finding out if probiotics can help manage eczema and reduce flare ups is worth a try.

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