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sport and eczema

Summer sport and eczema – some tips

Recently I enrolled my little boy into Saturday morning football and alongside the common thought of ‘how time is really going by quickly, I can’t believe we’re up to Saturday morning sport already’, was, ‘oh no, how is playing sport outside in summer going to affect his eczema and what can I do to help this?’

Heat is the most common trigger for eczema, couple this with sweating in non-cotton uniforms and my head was in my hands. But we have managed to get through the first two weeks of sport in good shape and this is what I have to share…

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eczema and daycare

starting daycare or school with an eczema child

When my little one first started daycare the days he was at daycare would always end with eczema flare ups. It would take me the rest of the week to get the eczema flare up under control and then we would be back at daycare and the cycle would begin again. Was it the sand? Was it the nylon play mats? I couldn’t really be certain… and how do you keep a toddler happily away from certain play areas?

It took me awhile to get his eczema better managed while at daycare and here are some tips which help me see us through.

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