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bathe eczema baby

How to best bathe an eczema baby

As a pharmacist and mum to two eczema babies I have received a lot of mixed advice on how to bathe an eczema baby. It seems current advice is bathing at least once a day is recommended as part of good eczema care plan. And when I think about it, it’s pretty easy to see why it is important to bathe your eczema baby regularly. Water washes away any loose eczema scales or flakey skin which allows the skin to better absorb moisturiser. Bathing regularly can also reduce the bacteria which can lead to infection.

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eczema sunscreen

What’s the best sunscreen for eczema babies?

Eczema babies can really suffer in the heat of the sun. The sun can dry out the skin which can lead to more flare-ups and a lot more itchiness. Itchy baby co. will look at what sunscreen, what to look out for and some other sun protection tips.

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