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toddler self control

How can I teach my toddler self control?

As soon as my little boy turned two it was as if his new found ability in movement and language was at odds with his inability to control his feelings and behaviour. When I first came face to face with these situations I definitely expected more than was reasonable from my toddler. Why? Because I thought since he was walking and talking and generally becoming more independent he would be able to better control his emotions and self control. What I learnt later was that areas of the brain to do with attention and resolving conflict take more time to develop. So how could I help him along the way…?

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toddler feeling loved

Making my toddler feel they are loved

There is little question that making your toddler feel valued, special and loved is connected to their self esteem and happiness. Self esteem gives toddlers the confidence to try new things and be brave as he becomes more independent from you and comes from a feeling of security and belonging and knowing what we have to contribute is appreciated.

Knowing the importance of self esteem it is no surprise why I regularly question whether or not my toddlers are feeling loved and special. I used to think this called for gigantic efforts of magical holidays and presents every time we are at the shops. Thank goodness the experts agree that making your toddler feel special and loved is in the little things we can do every day.

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