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organised mum

How to be an organised mum…. my journey

Sometimes my days start and end and there’s a whirlwind that happens in between but still nothing actually gets done, and I don’t feel like an organised mum at all. I started having just one too many days like this with the not done stuff piling up and the whirlwind days becoming more chaotic. So here I am trying to start new habits and put new routines into action so I can be a better organised mum to unclutter my days and my mind.

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baby eczema

Our feature in Mouths of Mums – stress and eczema

Last week we were featured in popular online parenting website, ‘Mouths of Mums’. We wrote about “How stress could be making your toddler’s eczema worse”. We have included some of the key points from the article below:

Toddler stress and eczema

During stressful times, your toddler’s skin becomes more sensitive leading to inflammation- if your toddler has eczema, increases in inflammation will make the eczema worse. So it is always important to be on top of some of the key triggers which cause stress in toddlers:

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eczema routine

Why is sticking to a daily eczema routine so important?

Managing eczema is all about creating a routine which is easy enough to stick to. Being in a good routine means you have a better chance of avoiding eczema flare-ups. But finding the time, energy and motivation to carry out this routine daily is sometimes hard.

Creating a daily eczema routine

From the very beginning I struggled to keep to an eczema routine for my toddler and we all suffered through many eczema flare-ups because of it. One of the main things which let me down was thinking that if my toddler wasn’t itchy then everything was under control and I didn’t need to do anything to manage his eczema. Big mistake. The more I live with eczema the more I realise it’s about prevention. Here are some tips which helped me make our eczema routine part of our everyday.

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target eczema naturally

How can I treat eczema naturally?


When it became clear my baby had eczema the first question I wanted answered was how I could treat his eczema naturally. Three and a half years later we have tried so many natural remedies and treatments. There is nothing which was recommended to me that I didn’t try and not every natural eczema treatment made a difference to my baby’s eczema.

Treatments which help me manage eczema naturally

  • Taking probiotics

I started mixing probiotics into my baby’s milk from when he was four months old. While the evidence for probiotic use to treat different infant conditions is mixed, there is evidence which suggests probiotics help manage allergies and provide relief from eczema symptoms, and this has been my experience. Research also indicates that probiotics are safe and well tolerated in healthy infants and children.

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baby sleep

My baby won’t sleep. Help! What are some tips or tricks to help my baby sleep?

Remember what it was like to sleep for eight hours straight and not think anything of it? It was so normal. Unless of course you had a big night and then you could only blame yourself… and always indulge in an uninterrupted lie in the next morning. Those were the days.

Now back to your present reality. According to a National Sleep Foundation poll 69% of kids under ten experience some sort of sleep problem. What’s the big secret of the other 31%?

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